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Products & Services

  •  Ez-Adjust Least Squares Package  (Version 7)  Includes:

    •  EzaPro: GPS base lines & terrestrial observations network adjustment including ALTA and user definable Relative Positional Accuracy (RPA) (New).

    •  Eza: Two-D adjustment  with local or State Plane Coordinates, ALTA and user definable Relative Positional Accuracy (RPA) (New), and level network adjustment.

    • Import TDS RAW file into Eza(New),

    • Date entry from the keyboard.

    • Read NGS Data sheet (New).

    • A complete set of tutorials in pdf format that can be printed out (New)

    •  Coordinate Transformation:  Four-Parameter Coordinate Transformation.

    •  Tools:

      •  Import:  Base Line Vectors From Leica and Trimble Software & User-defined Format.

      •  Geoid 03: Using NGS' Geoid 03 Model, Compute Geoid Height For Anywhere in the United States.

      •  SPC: State Plane Coordinate Conversion.

      •  Geodetic Calculator: A More Robust Geodetic Calculator(New).

  •  PS: Polaris & Solar Observations Reduction For Azimuth With Built-in Ephemeris.(New Versin).

  •  Consulting & Training: Geodetic Applications, Onsite Training & Specialized Surveying Software Development.

    Last update: Saturday October, 2014

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