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Four-Parameter Coordinate Transformation Module

  •  Perform A Four-Parameter Coordinate Transformation From One Coordinate System to Another.

  •  Choose An ASCII Format For Input Coordinates From The Following Options:

    •  Point ID, Northing, Easting With No Standard Deviations.

    •  Point ID, Northing, Easting With Standard Deviations.

    •  Point ID, Northing, Easting With Standard Deviations and Covariance.

    •  Point ID, Northing, Easting With Their Variances and Covariance.

Of Course, The Coordinate Order Can Also Be Changed.

  •  Choose An Adjustment From The Following Options:

    •  Hold The Coordinates Of Anyone System Fixed And The Other As Observations.

    •  Use The Coordinates in Both Systems As Observations.

  •  View And/Or Print Adjustment Summary.

  •  View And/Or Print Adjusted Observations And Their Residuals.

  •  View And/Or Print Transformed Coordinates With Their Standard Deviations.

  •  Context Sensitive Online Help.