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EzaPro Least Squares Adjustment Module

  •  Adjust GPS vectors, and may include terrestrial observation data.

  •  Import Leica, Trimble, Topcon, and user-definable format of processed base line vectors including their variances and covariances.

  •  Very easy to use with HTML style online context sensitive help.  View the table of contents or click a button to get help on a specific topic.

  •  Relative Positional Accuracy (RPA) for ALTA and user definable specifications (new).

  • View adjusted residuals for GPS base lines and terrestrial observations with the click of button, sort in ascending or descending order(new).

  •  Each residual also displays the file name.  Open the file containing the observation by doubling clicking the file name.

  • Read NGS Data Sheet directly into EzaPro(new).

  •  Keyboard data entry for terrestrial observations and control points (new)

  •  Tutorials (new)

  • Automatically generates an editable GPS base line loop closure report and repeated base line report

  •  Identify repeated base lines.

  •  View or print adjusted observations under user click-able separate tabs.

  •  View or export adjusted coordinates (latitudes, longitudes, state plane, including elevations above mean sea level).

  •  Incorporate errors in centering and antenna height for GPS base line vector individually or collectively.

  •  Export of adjusted results to MS Excel, ASCII, HTML, and XML formats(new).

  •  View and/or print the adjustment project graphically showing error ellipses about each point.

  •  Online printed manual in pdf format or request a hard copy of the user manual.

  •  Multi-document editor where more than one ASCII files can be viewed and edited.

Last update: Thursday October 02, 2008