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Free 30-Day Trial

Here Is How It Works:

  •  Download the complete program (Not A Demo) with all of its features. Click here to download.

  •  Install the program by double clicking the EzAdj7.exe file and follow the prompts. Click here to view installation procedure.

  •  For GPS network adjustment or geoid modeling, you must download the Geoid03.bin file(s) for your area from NGS' website at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/PC_PROD/GEOID03/index.shtml address.  Copy this download In C:\Ez-Adjust7\EzaPro folder.

  •  By all means, contact us If you have any questions.

  •  Within the 30 days, if you purchase it either on-line or by sending a check or Purchase Order, you will be sent unlock Codes to fully licensed program (no further downloads or installation is needed).  If you decided not to purchase it, simply Uninstall the program.

  •  Click here to download.