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Last update: 10/11/2014










How to Update to Version 7

  •  If you have purchased Ez-Adjust in 2007, your update to version 7 is free. Click here to download (file size is approximately 21 mb).

  •  Install the program by double clicking the EzAdj7.exe file and follow the prompts. This installation will not overwrite version 6, and you will need a separate authorization code for version 7.  Click here to view installation procedure.

  •  IMPORTANT: All version 6 Project files (.PRJ, and .PRO) files can be read by version 7, however, once projects are opened in version 7, you will not ba able to open them in version 6. Ez-Adjust is upward compatible NOT downward!

  •  Updates to version 7 for all version 6 users purchased prior to 2007 are as follows:
    Ez-Adjust Program Upgrade Price
    Ez-Adjust both modules update $95.00
    Ez-Adjust Eza module update $49.00
    Ez-Adjust EzaPro module update $49.00


  •  Click here to download.