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Why Choose Ez-Adjust?

  •  By popular demand Ez-Adjust is now available in two separate options: EzaPro (GPS and terrestrial observations combined) and Eza  (Two-D, and Level Network adjustment).

  • EzaPro also includes four-parameter coordinate transformation and a Geodetic Calculator. which, among other things can perform Also, included in the package are: SPC coordinate conversion, and geoid modeling using Geoid 03.

  •  Eza  includes support for Leica's DNA 10, DNA 03 digital levels, and TDS RAW total station file.

  •  Easy to use: Extensive online context sensitive help and tutorials and data entry using the keyboard.

  •  Over 350 pages of printable manuals and tutorial in pdf format.

  •  Written by a surveyor for the surveyors.

  •  Very affordable ($495.00 for the complete system, $325 for EzaPro and $225 for Eza).

  •  Free 30-day trial provision.

  •  Free Technical support by the program author.