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Last update: 10/02/2008










New Updates in Version 7.2.0
The update is free to all who have purchased 1n 2007.
All previous Version 6 users can upgrade to version 7.
Click here to see details for update.

  • Import TDS RAW file into Eza.

  • Check for updates online within the program.

  • In Eza, display of geodetic coordinates, point scale factor, elevation factor and the combined factor along with convergence angle.

  • A utility to separate Traverse and Side shots.

  • A database storage and retrieval of adjusted data is utilized.

  • A more flexible and robust display of adjusted results tied to the database is implemented.

  • In version 7 all input files (.BLF, .usr, .txt), the result files as well as the databases and Results.$$$ for a project will be copied and maintained in the project folder. Additionally, the program automatically creates a separate folder for each project in the default project path.

  • A more robust Loop Closure for GPS base lines, and level network adjustment where the program detects the loops with the smallest number of observations - very helpful in isolating problem areas in a network.

  •  A new project management option where one or more different adjusted results can be saved and viewed without running the adjustment.

  •  An improved installer that automates the installation including linking to NGS' website for downloading the geoid files.

  • Saving global options such as display/output units, order of input coordinates northing & easting or easting and northing, default projects path, number of most recently used projects, etc.

  • Export of adjusted results to MS Excel, ASCII, HTML, and XML formats.

  • Export Coordinates and their standard deviations in ASCII format.

  • A more streamlined menu structure and Project Setup including drag and drop of data files to the project including multiple selection.

  • A small footprint of all .exe (executable) files for faster execution and download.